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Affirmative Action
  • Affirmative Action (Multnomah County Library's Homework Center)
    Hate Crimes
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
    Books by / about African-Americans
    Books for Adults:
  • African American Literature Book Club | Thumpers Corner.com (Online AALBC Book Club) |
  • QBR: The Black Book Review Online | Black Issues Book Review |
  • Black Expressions Book Club
  • cushcity.com | Oprah's Book Club |
  • Mosaic Literary Magazine | Earl Cox & Associates (Literary Management) | Writers & Poets.com, LLC (Publishing) |
    Books for Children:
  • Coretta Scott King Award | African-American Children's Books |
  • African American Books for Children
    Kente cloth
  • Ghanaian Kente and African American Identity | Another Kente exhibit |
    (The flag of Black Nationalism symbolizes the struggle of Liberation. The Red represents the blood of our ancestors; Black is for the collective color of all Black people, and Green reminds us of the land, life and new ideas we must continue to strive to obtain.)
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