Is This Address Within Harris County?

Use Zip+4 Code for the fastest way to verify if within:
--Harris County
Use Harris County Appraisal District for the fastest way to verify if within:
--the City of Houston
--a particular school district
--a particular utility district. [i.e. MUD aka Municipal Utility District]

How to look up an address using the Harris County Appraisal District site:
1. To look up a residential (or business) address by property address, click first on Records.
2. On the next screen, click on Property Address.
3. The next screen should have this at the top: Search by Property Address.
4. Type in the house number and then the street name. (Don't type in words such as "street" or "drive".)
5. Then click on Specific Search to submit your query.
6. You should get back "1 result". Click on the long Account Number (the long series of numbers in blue on this screen).
7. Click on the PHRASE Jurisdiction Codes to see the full list of taxing entities, complete with contact phone numbers, INCLUDING MUDs.

(Note: This Harris County Appraisal District method was given to me by Houston Public Library Telephone Reference and is what HPL itself uses.)
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Longitude / Latitude / Elevation / Gazetteers

Here's how to get the precise longitude & latitude of a specific property in Harris County:

  • 1) Go to the Harris County Appraisal District.
  • 2) Click Records.
  • 3) Look up property by street address (or owner, etc.)
  • 4) Get the HCAD account number (may be 13 digits)(See above procedure.)
  • 4) Contact German Diaz at the Rice University GIS/Data Center at 713-348-2595 Mon-Fri during business hours.
  • 5) Mr. Diaz will then put the HCAD account number into his software and come back with the exact longitude and latitude for the middle of that property.
  • 6) In addition, Mr. Diaz can provide the XY coordinates needed to correctly point a satellite TV dish at desired satellites.
    Here's how to get the longitude & latitude of an area within the United States:

  • 1) Go to the FEMA Map Store.
  • 2) Click Map Search.
  • 3) Enter street address of the property.
  • 4) This will give you the FIRM (FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map) number
  • 5) Go to FIRM map box onsite and find panel map by FIRM number
  • 6) Longitude and latitude are listed on the outside corners of the map at N,S,E, & W. So this does not give the exact longitude & latitude of a property but narrows it down to the size of the individual flood map (which is a reasonably small area).
  • US Geological Survey | Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Place Names | How Far Is It? | Longitude/Latitude Lookup (When you already have the numbers) |
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