Clifton Boyd Davis

Contact Information


Unique Skill

Proven ability to visualize and decompose the core of complex problems as tasks to which established tools can be applied.

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Expert Systems, Database Mining, Automated Web Mining, Programming Languages, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.


    Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • University of Houston
  • Houston, Texas
  • Graduated December 2000
  • GPA 3.5
  • Major research projects include:
      - a new training/design technique for neural networks.
      - design and prototype of unique compiler (left linear rewrite system replacing the Knuth-Bendix algorithm with expert system mechanisms).
      - the application of artificial intelligence techniques to cryptography and number theory (dissertation topic).

    B.S. in Mathematics
  • University of Houston
  • Houston, Texas
  • June 1972
  • GPA 3.4
  • Double minor in Computer Science and Philosophy



    Post Retirement
  • Development of novel machine learning application for Regression Trees.
  • Test Application of regression trees to aspects of tropical weather prediction.
  • Served on Board and as an officer of two non-profit Texas Corporations.
  • Computer-based composition of music using grammars.
  • Incomplete development of web robot.

  • Taught two semesters at University of Houston.
  • Compiler Theory
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • 2001-2002

    Website Development
  • Partnered with reference librarian to create useful reference tools and documents, notably an encyclopedia of information available on the World Wide Web.
  • Used HTML, CGI, and automated scripts.
  • Partially funded education through sale of advertising on these pages.
  • 1995-2001

    Teaching Assistant - University of Houston
  • Graded large classes.
  • Monitored Computer Labs.
  • Instructed introductory programming classes for three semesters.
  • 1993-1995, 1996-1997

    Lead AI Programmer - Leasure Planning
  • Led team of knowledge engineers and programmers to create an expert system to assist in planning a vacation in a manner similar to a good travel agent and embedded it in a commercial database driven product
  • 1986-1991

    Consultant - Leasure Planning
    • Wrote expert system shell for modeling and testing stock market investment rules.
    • Discovered, tested and refined index options strategies.
      Oz Software
    • Led programming team to write hypertext system providing access to investment advice and opinion.
    • Designed database and support systems.

    Research Analyst - Dresser Atlas
  • Combined signal processing and AI techniques for the analysis of acoustic wave-train logging data.
  • Assisted with dip-log interpretation expert system project.
  • Created expert system for near-optimal configuration of Corion data-base system.
  • 1983-1986

    Programmer Analyst - The Analysts, Schlumburger
  • Led programming team for software development for diverse real time systems in oil service industry.
  • Wrote micorcomputer code for heave compensated depth module.
  • Developed mathematical model and algorithms for sophisticated anti-collision system for use with MWD (measurement while drilling) tool.
  • 1974-1982

    Math/Stat/Programmer - U.S. Army, Air Defense Agency, Computer Analysis Branch
  • Participated in formulation of models for air defense analysis.
  • Wrote computer simulations to support air defense studies.
  • Received multiple commendations for efforts in studies performed for the Pentagon.
  • 1972-1974


  • Vice President of U.H. Student Computer Society 1994-1995.
  • Served on board of directors of nonprofit literary and educational corporation 1989 to present.
  • American Mathematical Association Award 1968.


    Available on Request