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General Media

The Anime Club is a volunteer-based, non-profit student organization at the University of Texas at Austin. Our purpose is to provide fans of Japanese animation, or anime, a place to meet and exchange views and information. We hold regular showings (open to the public) of selected anime series, many of which are not commercially available in the United States. (Unless otherwise noted, all of the titles that we show are in Japanese with English subtitles.)
Combine your interests in both anime AND cosplay by joining the Austin Cosplay Defense Force!


Texas Revenant Rangers is a Steampunk group that make props for movies and costumes, help to promote steampunk community events, and participate in fund raisers for various charities, such as "Blue Skyes Over Autism".
The Revenant Rangers were marshaled to bring order to frontier of the United Texas Territories. Their Black Badges are well known, and they have been tasked to enforce the law among the more colorful peoples of the territories - such as the vampire Indian tribes, troll clans, were-folks and the like.
From an old word for those who return from the dead — this group earned their name “Revenant” after putting down the undead buffalo plague of the early 1880s. To date, none of the Rangers are revenant themselves… but, truth be told, they ain’t too sure about the Judge.


If board games are your thing, be sure to drop by a meeting of the Austin Board Game Group Saturdays at Great Hall Games.

Literary/General SF

Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc.(F.A.C.T.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to the promotion of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction.

We sponsor many activities aimed towards furthering the cause of literacy and the enjoyment of the genres. One example is ArmadilloCon, our annual literary conference. Some of our other functions include autographings, the F.A.C.T. Science Fiction Reading Group, meetings, social gatherings and The F.A.C.T. Sheet.

Star Wars

May the Force be with you! Lone Star Jedi is a not-for-profit organization formed by residents of Central Texas who are fans of the Star Wars series of films, are battle saber enthusiasts, and who are interested in the Jedi Martial Arts or the art of fencing and swordplay in general.

We wield battle sabers and practice PVC swords to learn and share with others about this wonderful martial art. Lone Star Jedi appreciates the many forms as well as the dangers of this art by showcasing our skills through cos play, character development and live stage combat.

The goal of the Lone Star Jedi is to provide local fans with opportunities to meet other fans who reside in Central Texas who share a love for swordsmanship, costuming (or cos play), and stage combat.

Opportunities through the group may include but not be limited to online activities, club meetings, professional and amateur sword instruction, sword building or saber smithy, fan films, other fun activities, and a way of providing a connective matrix to other Star Wars fans, Jedi Martial Art fans and swords persons in the surrounding areas.


Fandom at Random DFW is the Arlington-based Dallas/Fort Worth group for comic, sci-fi/fantasy, movie/TV, and collectibles fandom. The purpose of this group is to provide opportunities for fans of all kinds to meet and enjoy a mutual love of all kinds of media. Our core group consists of comic, Star Wars, Star Trek, sci-fi/fantasy fans and collectors, though all kinds of fandom are welcome. We've found that the lines that divide various genre of fandom are blurry at best and that many fans include themselves in many categories. So why limit the group to just comics, or just Star Wars (both personal favorites). We will have some informal meetings and get-togethers soon and will also try to arrange official gatherings at local conventions.

So if you have a particular fondness for all things fandom, or even just a few, feel free to join Fandom at Random DFW, the all-inclusive fandom group!

And speaking of local conventions, one of the other purposes of Fandom at Random DFW is to help further awareness of the rich Dallas/Fort Worth (and also Texas) convention scene. Many of these great conventions go unnoticed by fans who would love to attend. Look to us as a source for info on upcoming conventions of every kind!

Finally, we are silly for the fan collector's scene. We love meeting fellow collectors and hope to develop a network to help local collectors help each other find those great toys, comics, and other collectibles that may not be available in one are but plentiful in another.

Why not join us and become a part of the newest force in DFW fandom!

For more information, go to the Yahoo! Groups site

Interested in meeting & geeking? Want to get together with fellow fans? Check out the Lonestar Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Fans United!

"We are meeting at J. Gilligan's Bar and Grill [400 E Abram St, Arlington, TX] in Arlington. It's a great place with something for everyone. This includes their famous Irish Nachos. Meet and Geeks tend to be open discussions on SciFi/Horror/Fantasy topics. So come and bring a friend!"

Interested in meeting fellow fans & having fun while doing it? Then ORAC (A Dallas-Fort Worth based fan organization encompassing all aspects of literary and media science fiction and fantasy) might be just for you! ORAC holds regular meetings every month in some of the coolest residences in the D/FW area. At our meetings, we plan future activities, discuss fan news and upcoming conventions, and, of course, socialize.


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Check out Houston Fans to connect in person with fans in the greater Houston area! Come out to meetings such as the Inner Loop group of the Houston Book Exchange or attend an ARGH outing!

Doctor Who

Incoming Tardis! Welcome to Space City Time Lords! This group is a Houston based fan organization, devoted to Doctor Who. Anyone can join our discussion online, but to attend our meetings - it helps to live in or around the Houston area.

In addition to our viewings and online forum, we also feature several links to other sites, and a Houston area Doctor Who Media Library. Space City also sponsors Space/Time Excursions to the Texas Renaissance Festival and Dickens on the Strand, as well as a cookout every July and an all day Doctor Who marathon to celebrate the show's anniversary in November.

Join us today and help us celebrate the return of Doctor Who.


Earth got used up so check out Houston Browncoats! We are the Houston area Firefly/ Serenity Fan base. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. You can also email us at houstonbrowncoatsgroup@gmail.com

Harry Potter

"We are the : a great group of ADULT Scarheads who love everything Harry Potter! Books, movies, conventions, fan fiction, wizard wrock, cosplaying, crafting....everything the fandom has to offer! Join us for monthly meet-ups where we engage in group discussions and cool events. Get sorted into houses and compete for our annual House Cup by earning points competing in challenges such as scavenger hunts, board games, quizzes, ect. We have more fun than the Ministry of Magic allows! *house elves not allowed*"

Star Trek

Attention all Star Trek fans(Classic,Next Generation,Deep Space,Voyager,Enterprise)! The Starship USS Zavala (NCC-100101) just celebrated our 3rd year since our original shake down began back in 2011. What a wild couple of years it has been. We have a lot of stuff to do this coming year.
STARFLEET International is a not for profit club with chapters all over the world. Enlisting is simple and inexpensive. Just $15 a year for full membership with all the benefits.

Qapla! "Want to learn how to use a bat'leth? Do you feel you have a warrior's spirit? Do you like Star Trek? The IKV logh veng (named in the Klingon style of lowercase letters) is the Klingon Assault Group’s Houston chapter.

Established shortly after the last Space City Con 2013 [Meetup group founded 10/31/2013], the IKV logh veng is a home for Houston’s more Klingon-oriented Star Trek fans.

We’re accepting new members, and are in collaboration with many other local Star Trek fandoms in the Greater Houston area.

Additionally we’re affiliated with the other local Klingon fandoms based in other major cities such as Dallas and Austin.

We invite those interested, in the spirit of Kahless to partake in an honorable (and fun) organization!

Star Wars
May the Force Be With You! The official Stars Wars fan club in Houston is the Houston Star Wars Fan Force.
See also: Star Wars Enthusiasts Houston (Meetup)
See also Space City Sabers, an organization for those with a passion for the sword in fiction, to come together [in person], share fandom, and help local charities. How serious are we, here at Space City Sabers? Well, we design our sabers, fabricate our parts, machine our pieces, assemble our components, and then duel with them. Ya, we're that serious.
Costumers: Don't miss Rebel Legion and/or 501st Legion

The Territories of Houston Steampunk Facebook page "[localizes] every steampunk group and having them find the historical locales of Texas, so we can have places to locally meet up and go, through this, we can have events of every shape in size all over Texas and connect every Steampunk with one another!
Please only post steampunk/victorian/frontier/western/edwardian related posts [on this Facebook page]."
Enjoy fantasy, especially Tolkien & C.S. Lewis [Narnia]? Come check out the Inklings Roundtable of Houston!

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and the other Inklings are welcome to join the Houston Fans Meetup Group, attend dinners, and enjoy themselves. Occasional guest speakers will be invited to present special programs. Some book signings may be arranged as well.

Monthly dinner parties held at the Hobbit Cafe [2243 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX] have been organized around themes and lively discussion. Members enjoy trivia contests, sharing books and special news, occasional audio-visual presentations, and planning special activities together.

General Media
Several Unlimited is a fan club dedicated to any and all fandoms in any media. Several Unlimited actively supports conventions in the Houston area, and REVELcon in particular.

If you want to buy or sell fanzines, media-related artwork or pictures, scripts, collectibles, TV & movie memorabilia - REVELCON (our Houston, Texas area media convention) is coming your way!

We hold monthly meetings and video parties highlighting shows from all fandoms. We host the Summer Fannish Party in (of course, Summer). We support writing, discussing, filking, reading, art, and anything else about any media show out there.

Come on out and mingle with the Alternate Realities Group of Houston. Make new SF friends and socialize with like-minded folks.

The Alternate Reality Group of Houston (ARGH) is organized under the auspices of the Houston Science Fiction Association, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

ARGH encourages the discussion of imaginative fiction by organizing social events every couple of months that are open to all like-minded people who are interested in works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and anything else we can think of, whatever form they may take.

For more information about ARGH, please go to our Web site or email our dear leader, the Big Kahuna himself, at kahuna@arghouston.org .

Hankering for a good meal with fellow Houston fans? Available on Saturday mornings?

Then come on out to the Houston Ritual Science Fiction Breakfast held at 9 AM EVERY Saturday (unless otherwise noted) at the Avenue Grill located at 1017 Houston Avenue, Houston, TX 77007.

Meet Houston Science Fiction Society alumni members (& newer fans) and make new friends discussing the latest fannish matters!


Enjoy putting together costumes for Halloween or just for fun? The Houston Costume Group might be just for you! Meet other locals who are interested in creating costumes for fun or profit. Discuss costume ideas, research, patterns, and assembly. We cover all types of costumes including historical, fantasy, sci-fi, movie, Halloween, Manga, and Ren-Faire.

Role-playing LARP/Historical Recreation

Is Live Action Fantasy Roleplaying for You?
Amtgard is a non-profit, non-sectarian group devoted to recreating elements of the medieval, ancient, and fantasy genres. The thrust of Amtgard is both recreational and educational, with major group efforts devoted to reconstructions of medieval combat.

The Kingdom of the Wetlands is a central Texas/Western Louisiana Amtgard group with 12 chapters spanning north to Tyler, TX, south to Hitchcock, TX, East to Lake Charles, LA, and west to College Station, TX.

Dedicated to the recreation of the Middle Ages as they should have been, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a non-profit educational organization which has fun too! Join the local barony Stargate for Live Action Historical Roleplaying available in tournaments, revels, and more!

Mythos Houston is a Houston-centered group that is devoted to, amongst other activities, the annual production of LARP games at Houston-area cons (Owlcon and ApolloCon). The genre is usually set in the Lovecraft Mythos. The time periods have been Victorian, Steampunk, Roaring '20s, Modern, Delta Green, Cyberpunk, and others.


Houston Gamers are people who enjoy social boardgames. If you are in the Houston Area and are interested in boardgaming, please check us out! We have meetings nearly every week somewhere in town, so check the calendar to the right to see what's coming next!

Fast Warp is a Rice University student organization dedicated to promoting Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Gaming.

Literary/General SF

The UH_Growl (UH Gaming & Recreational Writing League) We are a sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming club for those who love reading, writing, discussing, and playing in worlds of the imagination. The club is open to all members of the university. Role-playing game sessions, movie marathons, competition & tournament events, group convention trips at a discount, and a library of books movies, & gaming supplies.
Can't wait to share your favorite author or the best sf/f book you've ever read with some new friends who also are excited about discussing sf/f novels? Try the Houston Book Exchange Network. The purpose of the group is to share and discuss Science Fiction and Fantasy novels PLUS other media (such as DVDs, for example). Visit the member group near you: Katy Group, Inner Loop Group, Clear Lake Group, Northside Spring/Cypress Group. Each sub-group maintains its own Yahoo! Group. Please bring at least one paperback science fiction or fantasy novel to discuss and then share with other members. Write your name and address in the front cover so you can get your book back. Please send this to any friends in the area that may be interested.

San Antonio-area

  • Missions Unknown (Help us spread the word about sf, fantasy, and horror creators, ventures, places, and happenings in San Antonio.)
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    Media Fans
    Star Trek
    San Antonio also has a Starfleet chapter, U.S.S. BEXAR NCC-71718. We are a non-profit Star Trek fan club located in San Antonio, Texas and a proud chapter of STARFLEET, The International STAR TREK Fan Association, Inc, Region 3. We strive in promoting the ideals of Star Trek as envisioned by Gene Roddenberry.

    The USS BEXAR is a community service type organization participating in various charities and events throughout the San Antonio metropolitan area. Some of the local charities our club participates in are the Elf Louise Project, The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the American Diabetes Association.

    Our club activities are usually on most weekends, ranging from fan conventions (Local, State, Regional, etc.), to various fund raising activities, parties and movie and game nights.

    Star Wars
    "We are the Knights of the Alamo (KOTA); a Star Wars Fan and Cosplay Community involved in supporting Charity and Public events. We entertain with saber demonstrations, conducting panels/discussions, and by taking pictures and video with patrons. We also promote various charities and charity events in addition to all things Star Wars.

    Literary/General SF
    Welcome to Ursa Major! ...Where Science Fiction and Reality Collide...

    We are a group of readin' folks based in San Antonio, Texas, who like to get together regularly to discuss science fiction and muse over other speculations in general, socialize, and meld with munchies. We also get out and do stuff in the real world upon occasion; a nonprofit organization that conducts writing and art workshops, holds book auctions, helps out at sci-fi conventions, and tries to promote cool stuff like reading and open-minded thinking.

    Our members are quite varied sorts, and (beware) artists and writers rank among some of them. While eating and talking rate up highly in our common activities, we also engage in other forms of fun and play games, write silly stories, share finds, make fun of movies, and plot and plan... you'll have to join to discover just what... whoahohohahahahahahaaaa....

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