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  • GCFLearnFree.org
  • DigitalLearn.org
  • TechBoomers.com
  • Typing Tutorial | GoodTyping.com |
  • Typing Tutor | Typing Web | Keyboarding for All Ages |
  • Mouse Tutorial | Mousercise |
  • W3Schools Online Tutorials (Learn to code HTML)
  • Lissa Explains (HTML & more!)
  • Internet Odds & Ends (bite-sized newsletter column series for people new to the Web)
  • How to tell if a Web page probably has good information & how to cite Internet sources
  • When to use the Internet, the Library, and the Librarian
  • Computer Viruses and Computer Myths
  • Net Blockers/Filter Software & the First Amendment
  • Library Schools in Texas | Librarians on the Web | Ready Reference on the Web |

    Greater Houston Area Computer Users Groups

  • Houston Area Apple Users Group (HAAUG)

    Libraries on the Web

  • Public Library Assn. (subgroup of the American Library Assn.)
  • Education, Training, & Library Occupations

    Library Schools in Texas

    Amer.Libr.Assn-accredited (MLS)/ Texas Education Agency-accredited (LRE)

    Texas Woman's University School of Library & Information Studies

  • School Librarian Certification

    University of North Texas School of Library & Information Science

  • UNT Houston Program
  • School Librarian Certification

    University of Texas at Austin Graduate School of Library & Information Science

  • Standard School Librarian Certificate |

    Non-Amer.Lib.Assn-accredited (MLS)/ Texas Education Agency-accredited (LRE)

    Sam Houston State University Dept. of Library Science

  • School Librarian Certification

    Ready Reference on the Web

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