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Fantastic Futures Books, in association with Amazon.com Books, brings you the best in Science Fiction and Fantasy. From cyberculture thrillers to mad elf-goddess mutant timetravlers (well, ok, maybe not mad elf-goddess mutant timetravlers - but you get the idea), we seek out tales to twitch the sense of wonder of even the most jaded of readers. All that and discount prices, too! Our tastes tend towards the hard-science inspired works, but well done material of any kind meets with our approval, whether it be high fantasy, space opera or even genre-bending experiments. We look for skillful writing and writers who can deliver a strong sense of presence with characterization or hauntingly beleavable worlds, but our bottom line is "do the pages keep turning?" You'll also find some occasional horror, the odd tomb of science fact, new age-cult if its entertaining, and paranoid conspiracy theories with the same provision. We are apt to carry an occasional book on the writers art, gaming, science fiction commentary of all kinds, SF-writer biographies, humor, comics-related material, or whatever strikes our eye. Come back often, browse through our latest offerings, and watch out for the cats.

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If you can't find something, send email and try us again. - Clif
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