The legendary M.M. Moamrath, inept imitator of H.P. Lovecraft and other great pulp writers of the '30s and '40s, now achieves his greatest post-mortum success.


(Including the infamous Unfinished Limerick)

"Edited" by Joe Pumilia & Bill Wallace
40 p., 5-12" x 8-1/2", $6.50, from Darrell Schweitzer 113 Deepdale Rd, Strafford PA 19087-2627

For a mere $6.50 you can thrill to the epic horror of Moamrath's Limerick's, casting you far beyond that which should not be known with words that should never have been penned. Who can forgo an anticipatory shudder at the verse...

On a frigate grown greyish with mold,
Stands a mariner spongy and old.
And worse things wait in the hold.

The pages of THE YOUNG GUY FROM FUGGOTH contain the justly infamous Archaic limerick sub-sequence.

In Massachusetts is a town called Archaic,
Just a little bit north of Passaic.
And consider it all quite prosaic.
In Archaics a church unorthodox.
The pastor wears eight pairs of sox.
That they keep locked away in a box.

These are just a few limericks from the "Fuggoth" sequence by Moamrath. This 40 p. booklet also has plenty of stand-alone thigh-slappers, regular weirdo rhymes, and...unsettling information about "M.M. Moamrath. But the speculations suggested by his poetry are more unsettling yet.

Was M.M. Moamrath anti-semetic? It seems doubtful, as taking any such recognizable position requires a certain coherence notably lacking in Moamrath's work. But then what are we to make of a verse such as...

A rabbi dispatched to Mogambu
To crush out the practice of voodoo
By employing superior Jew-Jew.

There are those who would argue that perhaps this was an instance of M. M. Moamrath indulging a sense of humor, and who can say. Yet Moamrath's macabre humor is much better exemplified by other limericks from the Fuggoth sequence such as ...

Next day in the house on the hill,
They found William all stony and still.
So they stood around reading the Will.

Its all here, the good, the bad, and the ugly. For 40 pages of fun (okay, 36 without the cover), order your copy today and read the results of the contest to finish the famous Unfinished Limerick! Professionally typeset and photocopied, with illustrations and a photo of M.M.Moamrath himself!
(Moamrath was addicted to cod-liver oil and wrote this while hallucinating:)
The Cod it is a mighty fish
I'd eat it every day, I wish!
I keep it cold so it won't spoil
At intervals I drink its oil.
It keeps me strong, it keeps me wise,
It's the fish I'd canonize.
Does this sound odd to you. What of the limericks that hint of Moamrath's secrets, albeit indirectly and in the stylized symbolism inspired by Lovecraft.
We never talk of old Potter,
Since he crossed his son with an otter. And we picked up his corpse with a blotter.

Once more this unique and disquiting piece of Amercona can be yours to enjoy forever for only $6.50 sent to
Darrell Schweitzer
113 Deepdale Rd
Strafford PA 19087-2627

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