REVELcon Music Video Contest

Hi everyone! My apologies for being late in soliciting entries in our Music Video Contest. Our attendees and us would love to view your artistry. VHS, Beta, and 8mm formats are acceptable. We have access to all formats, but need to know in advance if Beta or 8mm are required. The following are our guidelines:

1. Each individual or collaborating team is allowed three (3) entries.

2. No group of three (3) entries may exceed fifteen (15) minutes.

3. Categories will be decided by the number of entries in different fandoms. There will be both serious and humorous divisions. There will be a category for each fandom which has at least three (3) entries (by at least two (2) different individuals or teams) in a given division. Entries which do not make up a category will be placed in one of the mixed categories.

4. Entries must be checked in no later than noon on Friday, unless individual arrangements with the con are made in advance.

5. Any entry using "professional" pornography will be placed in a special "erotica" category and have a special showing.

If you sent entries, send the following general information:

Mailing Address
Phone Number(s)
Email Address

For each entry send the following information:
Song Title
whether gen/adult/slash
whether serious/humorous
Tell us Yes or No: My (our) music video contest entries may be made available on the REVELcon convention tape. Date and sign. No answer to this question will be considered an affirmative.

Hoping to see your videos this year. The (NEW) REVELcon Management.
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