U.S. Presidential Election - November 4, 2008

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Presidential Politics

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    March 4, 2008 Presidential Primaries (in Texas)

  • Commission on Presidential Debates


    Major Candidates in alphabetical order (by party, with candidate campaign homepages):
    NOTE: This is NOT A COMPLETE LISTING. Just those participating in national debates.
    Latest Update: 3/5/2008

    Democratic Party

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Barack Obama

    *Green Party

    Independent Candidates

  • Ralph Nader

    Libertarian Party

    *Reform Party

    Republican Party (GOP)

  • John McCain
    *NOTE: The Green & Reform Parties (and Independent Ralph Nader) do not currently have ballot access in Texas.
    (The Libertarian Party is the only minor party with ballot access in Texas at this time. [As of the 2006 elections.]

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