A Personal Journal

March 17, 1998
Warning - Potential Biohazzard The spelling in this document is not spell-checked and may be hazzardous to your health (mental or otherwise). Read at your own risk.
[animated image of lavalamp] Not being blessed with vast quantities of spare time, in order for this to work it requires low maintanance and minimal effort. The text has to be something that I can write on a sheet of paper while eating 1 or 2 lunches (typically of the TV dinner variety) and type in and have working in less than 15 minutes. This requires a standard form and minimal utilities for updating the site. Basically, what you see here is what you will get. The one piece of fancyness is a gif randomly selected off of a stack of interesting gifs and automagically placed at the begining of the text. As such, it is almost gauranteed to have nothing to do with whatever I write here.

This is intended as a site for friends and random aquantances to keep track of what I'm up to. Depending on how it evolves, I may try to use print copies of it to distract family members from the fact that I never write.

- Clif Davis

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