A Personal Journal

March 29, 1998
Warning - Potential Biohazzard The spelling in this document is not spell-checked and may be hazzardous to your health (mental or otherwise). Read at your own risk.
[image of ostrich with head in sand saying 'WOW!'] Current Events:
My mother has been sick for awhile and has been running high blood preasure. The doctor doubled her prescriiption and then doubled it again. We went to the heart specialist last week and her EKG is unchanged. While her main doctor was worried about her heart, the heart specialist seemed to think that most her problems were from being sick. She does seem to be slowly getting somewhat better, but is still partially washed out.

Last weekend Margaret and I attended a Science Fiction Convention and worked on the art show. We had a lot of fun seeing friends that we see a couple of times a year. The art show made a bit of money for our non-proffit organization.

Dr. Eick is off at a conference presenting our paper on using Artificial Intellegence learning techniques for cryptanalysis. We went down to the wire preparing overheads for his talk. He is taking the completed paper with him so I won't be editing it again. Now I need two more like it published to graduate.

Speaking of published, I just my hands on the latest Reliable Computing Journal. The three pages starting at page 99, titled "A New Application of Local Minima of Interval Functions: Interval-Valued Fuzzy Control" is particularly interesting. The most interesting thing about it from my point of view is the line that credits one Clifton Davis. It is not on my dissertation topic and so doesn't count towards getting me out of University of Houston, but is a good thing all the same.

- Clif Davis

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