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Here is a list of some of the standard reference works which I have NOT been able to locate on the World Wide Web. (I am not saying that they are not there but I have not seen them in over a year of Web experience!)

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (with its thousands of tables) unabridged English dictionaries
Oxford English Dictionary (there is a pay site which is JUST now starting up)
Texas Almanac
World Almanac and Book of Facts
Chase's Calendar of Events
Contemporary Authors (multivolume biographical set)
World Book Encyclopedia(There is a pay Encyclopedia Brittanica and a FEW articles from Grolier's Encyclopedia)
Barron's Shakespeare Made Easy series (Shakespeare's plays with modern English translation on one page facing the original script on the other page (side by side)).
Famous First Facts (by Joseph Kane)
Statistical Abstract of the United States (there is a tiny subset on the World Wide Web)
Encyclopedia of Associations (there are some pages with names and addresses of associations and there are some individual associations' home pages but you have to know their names first!)
Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians(standard multivolume set)
Dictionary of National Biography(standard multivolume British biographical set)
Dictionary of American Biography(standard multivolume American biographical set)
Illustrated Dictionary of Place Names: United States and Canada

NOTE: Everything available on the World Wide Web (and this goes for Usenet, too) had to be put out there deliberately by someone, on a volunteer basis (for the vast majority of files). Keep this in mind when deciding the likelihood of something we librarians use a lot being already available on the Web.
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