Question: What is the Free Internet Encyclopedia?
Answer: We like to think of it as a place to start. That is, a place to begin to get a handle on the tremendous variety of resources available on the World Wide Web.
Question: Did you write the Free Internet Encyclopedia all by yourselves?
Answer: Actually, we didn't write any of it. What we have done is to put together a list of pointers that are arranged by subject so that you can find URLs for what you are interested in. When you click on a link (either in the MicroReference or the MacroReference), you leave our Encyclopedia entirely and go to the page you wanted to see (maintained by whoever put the page out there in the first place).
Question: Why is there little about countries other than the United States?
Answer: This was meant to be an American encyclopedia aimed at someone living in the US and only secondarily at those in other English speaking countries. If we can be helpful to people that are outside our primary target group, great, but it would be much too large if we went into similar depth about every other country in the world, such as Liechtenstein or Niger. Want to know about where to get a job in Guyana? Good luck! You're on your own!
Question: Why did you leave out links to (fill in the blank for your favorite topic)?
Answer: Most probably because this Encyclopedia is still a work in progess. Please email us and let us know what you'd like to see that you could not find. Please note, also, that this Encyclopedia is being put together in our spare time. Clif is a full-time graduate student completing his Ph.D. in computer science and Margaret works fulltime as a reference librarian. This Encyclopedia may never be "done" in the sense that URLs change constantly and so we anticipate adding new links all the time as we go along.
Question: What kind of links are you planning to add in the future?
Answer: The kind that will lead people to web pages on topics which are asked for on a regular basis at your basic public library reference desk. How many people died from smoking last year? Where can I learn how to write a great resume? What is the latest Consumer Price Index figure (updated monthly)? Etc. Etc. We've heard them all! (Except the new one which will surprise us tomorrow or the next day!)
Question: Should I let my child use your Encyclopedia to "surf the Net" alone?
Answer: Read our Parental Disclaimer. There are a lot of issues here and we recommend reading both our General Disclaimer and the Parental Disclaimer before proceeding any further.
Question: Why don't you charge for the use of your Encyclopedia?
Answer: Because we believe in free access to information. Occasionally, we have an advertiser to help foot the bills. That way, we remain free to users yet pay for the maintenance and further development of the Encyclopedia at the same time by selling space to "sponsors". Currently that is a bit tricky. If you wish, you can help without spending any money.

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