The McCaffrey List

  • being a list of Anne McCaffrey titles and copyright dates and coauthors (novels unless otherwise noted.)

    NOTE: This is NOT meant to be a COMPLETE listing of titles by Ms.McCaffrey. I have deliberately omitted her historical and mainstream fiction novels. I have sought only to include her science fiction and fantasy works.

  • McCaffrey, Anne and McCaffrey, Todd
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    BRAINSHIP series

    Ship Who Sang c.1969

    Partnership c.1992 with Ball, Margaret

    Ship Who Searched c.1992 with Lackey, Mercedes

    City Who Fought c.1993 with Stirling, S.M.

    Ship Who Won c.1994 with Nye, Jody Lynn

    Ship Errant c.1996. (Written by Jody Lynn Nye, authorized by Anne McCaffrey.)

    Ship Avenged c.1997. (Written by S.M.Stirling, authorized by Anne McCaffrey.)


    Dragonflight c.1969

    Dragonquest c.1971

    Dragonsong (Harper Hall trilogy) c.1976

    Dragonsinger (Harper Hall trilogy) c.1977

    White Dragon c.1978

    Dragondrums (Harper Hall trilogy) c.1979

    Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern c.1983

    Nerilka's Story c.1986

    Dragonsdawn c.1988

    Renegades of Pern c.1989

    All the Weyrs of Pern c.1991

    Chronicles of Pern:First Fall c.1993 (short story anthology)

    Girl Who Heard Dragons c.1994 (novella plus short story anthology)

    Dragonseye (in USA. Elsewhere in world, this book is Red Star Rising. Be careful not to buy the same book twice because it is called by two different names!) c.1997

    Masterharper of Pern c.1998 (prequel to Dragonflight. [Master Robinton's tale].)

    Dragonholder c.1999 by her son Todd McCaffrey)

    Skies of Pern c.2001 (Sequel to Masterharper of Pern)

    Gift of Dragons: Illustrated Stories c.2002 [Short story anthology. Reprints of three stories and one new story.]

    Dragon's Kin c.2003 (First watchwher novel.) (With Todd McCaffrey.)

    Dragonsblood c.2005. (By Todd McCaffrey)

    Dragon's Fire c.2006. (With Todd McCaffrey)

    Dragon Harper c. 2007 (With Todd McCaffrey)

    Dragonheart c. 2008 (By Todd McCaffrey)

    PERN-related non-fiction

    People of Pern c.1988 (Illustrated by Robin Wood)

    Diversity of Dragons c.1997 (with Richard Woods. Illustrated by John Howe.)


    Dolphins of Pern c.1994

    DOONA series

    Decision at Doona c.1969

    Crisis on Doona c.1992 with Nye, Jody Lynn

    Treaty at Doona c.1994 with Nye, Jody Lynn

    TALENT series

    To Ride Pegasus c.1973

    Get Off The Unicorn c.1977 (short story anthology)

    Pegasus in Flight c.1990

    Pegasus in Space c. 2000

    The Rowan c.1990

    Damia c.1992

    Damia's Children c.1993

    Lyon's Pride c.1994

    Tower and the Hive. c.1999


    Dinosaur Planet c.1978

    Dinosaur Planet Survivors c.1984

    Sassinak c.1990 with Moon, Elizabeth

    Death of Sleep c.1990 with Nye, Jody Lynn

    Generation Warriors c.1991 with Moon, Elizabeth


    Crystal Singer c.1982

    Killashandra c.1985

    Crystal Line c.1992

    PETAYBEE series

    Powers That Be c.1993 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Power Lines c.1994 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Power Play c.1995 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Twins of Petaybee
    Changelings c.2005 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Maelstrom c.2007 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Deluge c. 2008 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    FREEDOM series (Catteni Sequence)

    Freedom's Landing c.1995

    Freedom's Choice c.1997

    Freedom's Challenge c.1998

    Freedom's Ransom c.2002

    ACORNA series

    Acorna: The Unicorn Girl c. 1997 with Ball, Margaret

    Anne McCaffrey's The Unicorn Girl: The Illustrated Adventures c. 1997.
    (Short stories by Mickey Zucker-Reichert, Jody Lynn Nye, and Roman A. Ranieri. Four-color illustrations throughout. Another story about Acorna. (Set after first book but probably before Acorna's Quest.)

    Acorna's Quest c. 1998 with Ball, Margaret

    Acorna's People c. 1999 with Ball, Margaret

    Acorna's World c. 2000 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Acorna's Search c. 2001 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Acorna's Rebels c. 2003 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Acorna's Triumph c. 2004 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Acorna's Children series
    First Warning c.2005 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Second Wave c.2006 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Third Watch c.2007 with Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann


    Restoree c.1967
    An Exchange of Gifts c.1995

    No One Noticed the Cat c.1996

    If Wishes Were Horses c.1998

    Nimisha's Ship. c.1999

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