Wireless Web

Not everybody has (or wants to learn how to use) a computer. But almost everybody has a phone. What if, to get on the Internet, all you had to know was how to use a phone?

This is the promise of the Wireless Web.

Just as wireless revolutionized radio and telephones, Wireless Web changes everything yet again.

Plus, Microsoft was slow to get on this bandwagon.

The majority of the people using cel phones, interactive pagers, and Palm Pilots to access the Web are NOT using Microsoft software to do it. These people could care less about Windows or Microsoft's antitrust troubles with the federal government.

Microsoft, of course, is scrambling to catch up now and has completely redone its Windows CE microbrowser.

Yes, Wireless Web devices have to use their own junior version or "microbrowser" of your regular browser because they are much smaller than desktop PCs, right?.

The earliest Wireless devices could only give you three or four lines of text but that was enough to tell you if your flight was delayed or if there were any last minute updates or changes you need to know before the big meeting or how your stocks were doing.

Then came "web clipping", a way for people who write Web pages to make Web content available to people using Palm Pilot VIIs, for example. "Web clipping" extracts just the crucial information needed, without extraneous text and without graphics. New Wireless devices have graphic screens that can display maps to tell you how to get where you want to go, like a regular desktop or laptop PC.

The newest PCs are handheld and can fit in your pocket (or purse) right along with your cel phone, Palm Pilot, interactive pagers, etc.

Today people are on the go and Internet access that goes with them is going to be a growing market.

The day may soon come when more people access the Internet using wireless devices than by using traditional desktop PCs. After all, who thinks twice about picking up their phone?

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