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Internet Odds and Ends

A bite-sized newsletter column series for people new to the Web
  • Internet: The Big Picture
  • History of the Internet
  • More History of the Internet (Bruce Sterling) [Note: Written in 1992, before World Wide Web existed]
    Net Timeline (1962-1996) (PBS)
    Who Uses the Internet? (World Wide Web Study - - Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center / Georgia Tech)
  • What Is the Internet?
  • Birth of the World Wide Web
  • Finding the Good Stuff on the World Wide Web
  • Internet Email
  • What is Usenet?
  • Why is the Internet more like a newspaper than TV?
  • Lynx, the Text-only Browser
  • You Still Cannot Believe Everything You Read
  • Just the FAQs, Ma'am
  • Little Engine That Could and You Can, Too!
  • Not Found on the World Wide Web
  • CyberLibrarians on the Web
  • Access Your Uncle Sam!
  • Readin','Ritin', & 'Rithmetic on the 'Net
  • Surfing the Web
  • Will Push Come to Shove?
  • Information at Will
  • Can Privacy Survive in the Cyber-Age?
  • Start Your Shopping On The Net
  • Junk Email
  • Let's Talk: Message Boards
  • Let's Talk: Chat
  • Let's Talk: IRC and Internet Phones
  • Web TV
  • Your Own Piece of the Web
  • Web Candid Camera
  • Internet: The Next Generation
  • Net Jeopardy, Anyone?
  • Picture Perfect Downloads
  • Rings Around the Web
  • Java To Go!
  • Web Portals
  • Web Tunes
  • Fair Use
  • Web for Everyone
  • Find It Fast!
  • Portable Bookmarks
  • Wireless Web
  • Separating Wheat from Chaff on the Web
  • Taxing E-Commerce
  • Surfing for Summer Fun
  • Print on Demand (POD)
  • Web Swapmeet
  • Let's Talk: Email Newsletters & Mailing Lists
  • Pay Your Bills on the Web
  • Web by Voice
  • Access Your Uncle Sam, Part II
  • B2B on the Net
  • Blind Men, the Elephant, & the Internet
  • Email Without PCs
  • But Wait, There's More!
  • Sample That New Book Online!
  • Bite-Sized Research
  • Surf the Hidden Web
  • Keeping Up with What's New on the Web
  • Blogs (or Web Diaries)
  • Web Awards
  • Web Treasure Hunting
  • Pass It On!
  • See You At The Movies!
  • Museums by Web
  • Clubs by Email
  • Why Clip When You Can Click Instead?
  • Access Your PC From Anywhere!
  • Virtual School
  • Shared Browsing
  • Genealogy Online
  • Find Your New Home Online!
  • Need More Mutual Friends?
  • It's Not Just Dot.com Anymore!
  • PC Sticky Notes
  • Your News Your Way All The Time! (RSS)
  • Share Photos via Web!
  • Online Driving Directions
  • Browser Wars
  • Web Translators
  • You're Invited!
  • Web Alerts!
  • Pod Radio
  • Friends & Neighbors Web (LiveJournal)
  • Access Your Calendar Anytime!
  • Access Your Uncle Sam, Part III
  • Reality Web
  • Web Personal Health Records
  • How Do I? Learn Online!
  • Newspapers & The Web
  • All the News That's Fit to Blog
  • Copyright in the Digital Age

    Quick Tips tutorial series

  • Quick Tips: Lynx
  • Quick Tips: Netscape 2.0
  • Quick Tips: Ready Reference on the World Wide Web
  • The Internet in Librarian Speak
  • 404 Not Found on the World Wide Web

    Internet Training Elsewhere on the Web

    Beginners Tutorials

  • Lifelong Learning (AARP)
  • World Wide Web At A Glance
  • Searching the Internet Effectively
  • Beginners & Internet Help (Snowhawk)
  • Bare Bones 101: A Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web
  • NetLingo | WhatIs.com |
  • Internet for Beginners (About.com) | Email |

    Internet Error Messages

  • Decoding Error Messages

    Search Engines and Search Strategy Tutorials

  • Search Engine Tutorials
  • Spider's Apprentice: Tips on Searching the Web
  • Interactive Search Engine Tutorial
  • Internet FAQs (Ohio State)
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