Blogs (or Web Diaries)

Ever want to share your favorite links (with a few choice comments) with the rest of the Web, hopefully on a daily basis? Rave about the link you just found that is the best thing since sliced bread? Want to put your opinion out there where people anywhere on the Web might read it (with relevant links)?

If so, you are a blogger at heart. That is, you are a "Web logger" wannabe. Now that you know this, you can get started immediately on your first log entry by setting up a free account to host your very own "Web log" or "blog" on blogger.com (for example).

Independent journalist blogger Andrew Sullivan compares it to "somewhere between writing a column and talk radio" because readers email comments back to the blogger in real time. I wonder if it is the successor to Usenet, as both are broadly based and focused on individual input but blogging has the advantage of direct interaction (rather than reading the reply to an earlier post sometime later in Usenet). It has certainly allowed Web surfers unfettered access to all kinds of opinions without the usual middlemen (read editors & publishers).

Web logs have been around since the Web's earliest days. The first ones were written by the very people developing the Web as a way of pointing out interesting links as new Web pages came online. Now, it has become a grassroots movement which seems to be growing more popular all the time.

Want to read existing blogs first to get some idea as to what is already out there? Try the Web Log Review, which both gives you links to some existing blogs and lets you know what others think of them before you try them.

Or do a real-time search to see what topics people are talking about currently in their blogs!

There are even blogs done by sources such as the Internet Scout Report (consisting of outtakes not usable for their regular Report but interesting nonetheless in their own right).

Again, blogging is chiefly for individual expression and requires no credentials other than a computer with an Internet connection (i.e. no "geek" know-how needed) and a desire to blog. (The time investment, however, can be significant as blogs are expected to be updated daily if you want to acquire a following out on the Web.)

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