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Was hide and seek one of your favorite games as a kid? Ever want to go on a treasure hunt where you can be SURE of finding the treasure? Were you a Boy Scout who was an ace with the compass?

Now you can both go on a successful treasure hunt every time AND be a dunce with a compass but an ace with your own Global Positioning Unit (GPS) unit!

A new high tech sport has sprung up in the last two years known as "geocaching". The idea is that you hide a kind of time capsule with its location given as a GPS position.

The three rules of geocaching are that you write in the logbook when you have found a cache, you take something home from the cache and you leave something new in the cache. So it is a cooperative endeavor.

To participate, you need to buy your own GPS unit and then go to the Geocaching Web site to get the GPS coordinates for caches hidden in your area. Caches are now hidden in 130 countries!

In the United States, simply type in your zip code and start scrolling through your hits! Each hit gives the cache's name and how many miles/kilometers it is from your zip code. Plus each cache's longitude & latitude are given as GPS coordinates.

Fans also get together in person for picnics, breakfasts, etc. to share their enthusiasm for this new game! Just check out the Web site for an upcoming event near you!

For more information, see:
  • Geocaching.com
  • GPS Tutorial
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