Access Your PC From Anywhere!

What if you could log into your PC from any other PC (that has a Web browser) and do your work remotely? Your work (or home) PC would, of course, have to be turned on all of the time and connected to the Internet all of the time but if that is not a problem, then GoToMyPC.com may be just the thing for you!

With GoToMyPC.com, you would no longer have to worry about taking a business trip only to discover when you arrived at your hotel that you forgot an important file needed for your upcoming business presentation. Instead of having to download files onto a floppy (or two) and putting that in your pocket or briefcase, you could just access the files directly, as needed, remotely.

It's secure (that is, encrypted), requires a one-time software installation on your "host" computer but requires no additional software to use it from any Web-connected PC. Of course, there is a monthly fee (just as with your ISP). But it may be worth it to you to be able to access your email, all your files, print out documents remotely, etc. Burn the midnight oil if need be but do it at home if you connect to your work PC from home in the middle of the night (you never know just when inspiration might strike!)!

Another company, LapLink, even lets you connect to your PC from a Web-enabled phone, pda, laptop, etc. mobile device!

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