Shared Browsing

What if you could surf the Internet with a friend with both of you seeing the same screens but from two different locations (like your house and his house, for example)?

This is the premise behind Shared Browsing (or Co-Browsing).

If you are the type of person who, upon discovering a really neat site, just can't wait to share that site with your best friend, then maybe shared browsing is for you. Some people may enjoy surfing the Internet more if they could do with with someone, rather than on their own, because then they could immediately discuss the sites with their friend.

Shared browsing would also work if you were trying to show your friend how to do something on the Internet and your friend lived in another town. Your friend could then do what you just showed him and you could watch to make sure he got it right. It might also be helpful if you and your friend were planning a trip and wanted to jointly explore sites to construct your itinerary. You could also conduct joint shopping trips and peruse the merchandise at the various sites while you were both looking at the same screen.

Another way to "almost" share browsing is to include URLs when chatting or sending email messages. Especially during chat, the other person can choose to click on the URL and instantly see the Web site you were talking about and then discuss the site during the chat. (If you send a URL in an email, of course, you wait until the other person has had a chance to look at the site and then email you back.)

Where can you find shared browsing? MSN members who have MSN 8 have it included as a feature (but, of course, can only use it with fellow MSN 8 member friends). SBC Yahoo! DSL has "tandem browsing" for fellow SBC Yahoo! DSL members. There is also an inexpensive program called BrowserFor2 which will let you do shared browsing with a friend no matter which Internet Service Provider your friend may have.

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