PC Sticky Notes

What if, instead of putting a sticky note ON your computer to remind you of an important appointment, assignment, deadline, etc., you could put a sticky note INSIDE your computer screen? No more sticky notes flying everywhere when the fan suddenly is turned on! No more sticky notes that have gotten old (and don't stick so well anymore) suddenly falling off and disappearing!

Plus, what if you could not only have sticky notes on your PC desktop but you could search them to quickly access the particular note needed on any given occasion? (You can't do that with the paper sticky notes!)

Wouldn't that be great? Evidently, a lot of people already think so and this has become a widely available PC utility program.

Sticky note software is available for free (for example, Post Em Notes), as shareware (for example, Turbo Note), and for regular purchase (for example, Post-It Notes (3m)). [Note: both Turbo Note and Post-It Notes also offer free versions, which don't have as many features, for people who just want freeware.]

A number of Web sites already use sticky note software, such as the Social Security Death Index maintained by Rootsweb. The Rootsweb site allows people to upload Post Em Notes to correct errors in the SSDI database until the corrections show up in the next regular version of the database.

Post-It Notes Professional version even allows you to handwrite a note on a Tablet PC, have your handwriting converted to text, and upload the newly-created note to your PC! The best of both worlds! Carry your Tablet PC around and, instead of quickly jotting something on a paper sticky note, jot the same note on the Tablet PC, and then upload your note to your PC!

The Turbo Note site said that Turbo Notes have been around for five years already and that there are many, many versions of PC sticky note programs out there. So if one of the three programs mentioned here doesn't meet your needs, you might be able to find another one you like better out there on the Web!

For more information see:

  • Post Em Notes (Flooble.com) [freeware]
  • Turbo Note (Turbo Note.com) [freeware and also enhanced shareware versions]
  • Post-It Notes (3M.com) [freeware and also regular purchase software]
  • Social Security Death Index
  • Tablet PCs
  • Netlingo.com (for terms like freeware, shareware, & utility program)
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