Share Photos via Web!

What if you could share your photos with friends and family and no one would have to deal with a large email attachment? Plus, what if said friends/family could choose for themselves which photos they would like to have reprints of, order the reprints themselves, and all of the above at no charge to you? (There would, of course, be a modest charge to friends & family for the reprints themselves plus a small shipping/handling fee, etc.)

The answer is to do it all on the Web!

Several Web photo sites now are available which are more than happy to help you upload your precious photos and send special email invitations to people you choose to see your photos. That is, you can't just go to these sites and browse strangers' photos. If it's not your photo, the only what you can see the photo of that new baby is to follow the link emailed to you by the proud new parents. (Some sites, however, allow you to make your photo albums available to the public, instead of just the people you had previously selected).

Friends and family can see your photos as a slideshow with just one click, plus you can add captions so that people who don't know Aunt Judy or Uncle Bill will be able to identify everyone in the photo.

You can even upload photos taken with your cell phone! Plus you can crop your photos, get rid of "red eye", change color photos to black & white or to sepia tones, etc.

A number of the Web sites offer unlimited storage space for your photos plus your "secure online picture albums". No more shoe boxes in the closet filled with unsorted photos which you always meant to put into photo albums!

And do it all for free without having to upload or download huge attachments in your email!

For more information see:

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