You're Invited!

Throwing a party? Invite your friends via email for free and find out right away who can come and who can't! Even better, why!

Save yourself all that money for postage, specially printed party invitations, and non-returned RSVPs! Your recipients can rsvp immediately while online and not have to make a special trip to the post office! Plus, everyone can see who else will be at the party and if someone can't come, what excuse was given! If someone sees a friend who has already said "yes", that person may be more likely to want to say "yes", too.

Of course, you can include a map with your invitations, plus you can offer to let your guests select online what they will bring (cokes, chips, whatever) so that everybody doesn't bring the same thing but you have a little of everything!

Evite even allows your guests to invite their friends to your event! Plus, Evite keeps a running tally of how many said "yes", how many said "maybe", how many said "no", and how many haven't responded yet. So not only the host but the guests also know how many to expect at the event.

Plus, an invitee can forward the Evite email and another person can still view the invitation (if it is a public invitation) by clicking on the same link. If you want to look back later, your full Evite invitations are archived for 30 days. (After that, just the event details are available.)

For more information see:

  • Evite.com
  • Sendomatic.com
  • RSVPtracker.com
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