Access Your Uncle Sam, Part III

Why wait in long lines when you can go online!

Want to know if Aunt Tilly received her birthday present on time? Track & confirm package delivery at the U.S. Post Office online anytime day or night! Schedule a pickup (yes, the mailman will come to your house to pick up your package!), print online postage or buy stamps, look up zip codes, etc.

Thinking of doing some traveling? Download an application for a first-time passport online. Have it all filled out ahead of time when you go in person to turn it in (at many local post offices). Is it time to renew your driver's license or your license plates for your car or truck (etc.)? Do it online at Texas Online! Getting tired of having to fumble for quarters every time you get on the Sam Houston Tollway? Apply for an EZ tag online!

Maybe it's time to apply for financial aid for your student who is about to go away to college next year. Apply online to go to college in Texas (public schools use the same application, as well as some private schools).

Maybe you just moved or you got married and you have a name and/or address change for your voter registration card. (If you moved to another county, you will need to re-apply for a new voter registration card.) To update your social security card, you can download the application for a new card and apply in person at your nearest Social Security office (or mail in your original documents).

Maybe it's time to pay your annual property tax bill. Did you remember to file for your Homestead Exemption? Just moved here and wondering what school district you are in or what the property tax appraisal was for the other houses on your street?

Did you get a traffic ticket? Or a jury summons? Plus, your lawyer can also now e-file a number of documents online through the e-Services available at the Harris County District Clerk's site.

Most of these sites offer information and services in both English and Spanish. At least one also has a Vietnamese language site!

For more information see:

  • USA.gov
  • U.S. Post Office
  • U.S. Dept. of State (Passports & Visas)
  • TexasOnline.com
  • Renew TX driver's license
  • Renew TX license plates for your car or truck (etc.)
  • EZ Tag Store Online (Harris County toll roads)
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Texas Common Application (to go to college in Texas)
  • Change of Address for voter registration card
  • Application for a new Social Security card
  • Pay Harris County property tax bill online
  • Homestead Exemption form
  • Harris County Dept. of Education
  • Harris County property tax appraisal
  • Pay traffic tickets online
  • Harris County Juror Information
  • E-file court documents in Harris County
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