All the News That's Fit to Blog

Ever hear a bit of news on the radio or TV that went by too quickly and you wish you could find out "the rest of the story"? Or you'd just like more information on that topic?

Blogs aren't just for individuals' personal lives anymore. Increasingly, they are also for work.

For example, I listen to KTRH (740 AM, ABC) frequently. It says something about how popular the blogs are that when you go to the radio station's home page, the fourth link on the left under the logo is Blogs (right after podcasts, shows, & home). Seven of the twelve have a particular reporter's name in the title. The reporters mention them all the time. One that does not list a specific reporter's name is Houston Happenings. Another is Your Health.

Local Houston TV station KRIV (Ch. 26, Fox) has lots of blogs, organized by general subjects like news, entertainment, weather, traffic, sports, political, & music, none obviously tied to a specific reporter. Click Blogs, second from right at the top. (Note: KRIV has so many blogs because they have public blogs as well as staff blogs.)

KHOU (Ch. 11, CBS) is another local TV station with blogs on its Web site. On this site, look fifth from the right at the top of the screen. KHOU has six featured from the home page, all staff-written.

Local metropolitan newspaper Houston Chronicle also has lots of blogs, again broken up by subject headings such as news, sports, travel, life, entertainment, plus an archive area for people like Cragg Hines (who recently retired). The Houston Chronicle blogs are even searchable!

If you'd like news about books, dvds, etc., check out the Harris County Public Library eBranch Blog! The eBranch Blog has best sellers lists regularly, award-winning books, plus lists of newly catalogued titles now available at the library, and more!

For more news from the world of books/dvds/cds/etc., check out the Amazon Daily Blog at Amazon.com (top righthand corner of home page). Editors from all over the country contribute and let you know what new books (etc.) are coming out.

Blogs can also be an excellent way to find out what your favorite authors are working on right now. Many authors link to their LiveJournal (etc.) sites from their home pages. Authors are happy to have a painless way to share with their readers which book they are working on right now, which book they plan to work on next, which books they have under contract, etc.

Some publishers (like HarperCollins' AuthorTracker) are also making it easier to locate author blogs. (Another way to get book news is to just subscribe to publisher email newsletters.)

You can subscribe to a number of these media & literary blogs via RSS so all you have to do is open up your usual reader (e.g. Bloglines) and the latest is delivered right to you! For more information see:

  • KTRH.com
  • KRIV Fox 26
  • KHOU.com
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Harris County Public Library eBranch Blog
  • Amazon Daily Blog
  • LiveJournal
  • Author Tracker (HarperCollins)
  • Bloglines
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