Readin', 'Ritin', & 'Rithmetic on the 'Net

Ever consider taking some college classes but could not find one which would meet your schedule? How about taking one over the Internet? For more information, see Virtual School. If you are already taking classes and looking for a good Web site for finding online journals, try your local public library or college library Web site. Last time we covered some U.S. govt. sites (.gov). Now it is time to highlight some useful educational sites (.edu).

Maybe you are new to Houston and would like to know more about the local school districts. Go directly to the Cy-Fair ISD Home Page or see the Spring ISD Home Page or explore the Klein ISD Home Page.

When the kid brings home a homework assignment that stumps you, you could try KidsClick and/or WhyFiles (The Science Behind the News)to locate good information for that school report.

Most four-year colleges and universities and most K-12 school districts will have .edu in their URLs, such as two-year North Harris Montgomery Community College District and the University of Houston. As I said last time, not all governmental sites have the .gov nor do all the educational institutions have .edu. Nevertheless, .gov and .edu were two of the Internet's founding domains and still contain some of the most useful information on the Web!

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