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What is this anyway?

This is an encyclopedia composed of information available on the Internet. There are two main divisions. The MacroReference contains references to large areas of knowledge, FAQs where available, and pointers to relevant areas of the MicroReference. The MicroReference contains short bits of information and references to specific subjects, sometimes with instructions on finding the specific subject inside a general reference. Each specific subject will reference its general subject in the MacroReference if one is present.
To expand by saying the same thing slightly differently, the MicroReference is an alphabetically arranged set of links to information while the MacroReference is a thematic arrangement with an index.

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General Disclaimer

The vast majority of information accessible through the FREE Internet Encyclopedia is written and maintained by other people. It might be more accurate to call it a Free Internet Encyclopedic Index (but who can pronounce FIEI?). What this means is that those people should receive full credit for the usefulness of their information. It also means that we can't be responsible for the accuracy of their information. We search for useful information and will attempt to avoid linking to a document that claims (for example) that Smirnoff is the capital of Russia, but among other things, this involves us knowing that Smirnoff is not the capital of Russia, an assumption which is true in this instance but which is a pretty dicey proposition in general.
This means that you have to decide on the accuracy and appropriateness of any information you may access here for your own uses and purposes and the responsibility for such decisions is completely your own.
You should be ok as long as you keep two things in mind.
1. Just because it is in writing doesn't make it so.
2. Just because it is in writing doesn't mean that the person who wrote it believes it.

As an official and authorized agent of the United States government and God Almighty, I assure you that Smirnoff IS the capital of Russia. (Who is a geography teacher to argue with God and the US government?)

This early version of the FREE Internet Encyclopedia is incomplete. There are any number of big gaping holes in its coverage. That's progress. At one time there were just some items that outlined where the big gaping holes would be. The reason for making it available in its current state is the hope that even this will be useful and/ or provoke some people into making useful comments and suggestions.. .. (hint, hint)

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