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You don't see the wheelchairs or the white canes but people with disabilities are using the Web every day now.

People with visual impairments can use screen readers and literally have their computers read the Web aloud to them. They simply have their computer show Web pages in a larger type size. Or they can use braille-friendly computers. People who don't have great manual dexterity can have alternate keyboards with bigger keys.

Many Web sites also offer "text only" alternative sites for people who would have difficulty using a high-graphics site. There is even a text-only browser, Lynx, which is actually quicker because it doesn't have to wait for the graphics to load!

Need an IRS (or other governmental) form? Download it as a .pdf file as usual and read it with your Access Adobe reader!

How can you tell if your favorite Web site is accessible? Just give Bobby its URL and he will quickly let you know! You can also look for sites with this symbol.

For more information see:
  • Web Accessibility Initiative
  • American Council for the Blind
  • JAWS screen reader
  • Bobby
  • National Center for Accessible Media
  • MegaDots
  • Web Server for the Visually Handicapped
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