Pod Radio

Radio, on YOUR schedule! You can now download a new type of radio show onto your iPod (or even just your computer) and listen to it when YOU are ready, instead of at set broadcast times. Not only that, but you, too, can have your own radio show if you have a computer, a microphone, and something to say!

No longer is broadcasting limited to large corporations with deep pockets. Anyone who knows how to set up an RSS feed with enclosed MP3 files can reach anyone with an MP3 player, and an Internet connection.

Podcasts are RSS feeds with enclosures (meaning that they come with MP3 files). Since a podcast is a computer file, it's also easy to pause, rewind, or fast forward, as desired.

Where can you find podcasts? There are several Web sites with directories. Of course, some traditional radio stations now offer their own podcasts, as well as some newspapers. Also, since May 2005, now some radio stations even air podcasts on the public airwaves! Some politicians are even hosting podcasts on their campaign Web sites as yet another way to get their message out to potential voters!

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