Friends & Neighbors Web (LiveJournal)

What if you could have your own place on the Web where you could hang out with your best friends, keep in touch with acquaintances, and explore your own interests all within the same Web site?

LiveJournal combines the best of blogging with the best of social networking. You control who sees your information or make as much of it as you want open to the public at large.

On your site, there is a list of links to your friends' sites, a list of who has you on THEIR friends list, a list of "also a friend of" (separate from your "default" friends list), a list of what communities you belong to (your interests), plus whatever personal details you wish to list.

Each LiveJournal page has an RSS feed so, if you want to know what's new with your friends, sign up to get an RSS feed from them automatically every time they post a new entry!

Search for other people's LiveJournal pages by interest, username, email address, region, etc. Word of mouth works best. As with regular email, the best way to find someone on LiveJournal is to just ask them if they use LiveJournal and what their username is. (Just as the best way to find out what someone's email address is is to simply ask them.)

That said, you have the possibility of making new friends who share your interests. Again, this is a strength of the Web. Being able to connect with people online irregardless of distance or whether you will ever meet in person.

You can always blog on your own Web site. If you want to interact with millions of other people who also blog, give LiveJournal a try! Start out with a free account. If desired, upgrade later to a paid account (which offers additional features)!

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