Access Your Calendar Anytime!

Ever wish your large wall calendar on your bedroom wall at home could not only send you free reminders about when that big assignment is due or what day that training class is being held but even a reminder about Aunt Tilly's upcoming birthday?

Ever wish you could quickly consult that huge wall calendar at home online to check your weekend schedule at the end of the month or what your next highest priority task to be completed was?

Now you can!

Both Yahoo! and Google have a free, full-feature calenders (including a task manager) available on the Web. All you have to do is register for a free Yahoo! ID or a Google account. You do not even have to have a Yahoo! email or Gmail email account, just an email account somewhere.

Both calendars seem to offer similar features, with some exceptions. Google's calendar will allow you to add events from text in your Gmail account with just a few clicks. Also, it allows plain English phrase additions (rather than just filling in an online form). Also, Google allows you to set up multiple calendars, with color-coded events.

View by day, week, or month. If you already use a Microsoft Outlook, both calendars will allow you to import your events into your Web-based calendar. Both calendars also allow you to invite others to your events.

You can set your calendar so that no one other than yourself can see it OR you can set it to allow others to view your calendar. (For example, if you belong to Yahoo! Groups, you can have your calendar display events as seen in the various Groups calendars, too.) You can choose to share your calendar with selected friends or the general public.

These Web calendars will email reminders of important events to your home email or your work email or your cell phone, or other mobile device!

Interested in seeing the whole year at once? Go to TimeandDate.com. Need to know when the 22nd week in the year is? The free calendar at TimeandDate.com has several customization options, including giving the date of the full moon each month! (Yahoo!, Google, and TimeandDate.com also show holidays, etc.)

Never lose track of an important event again! Keep up by email!

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