Accessing Your Uncle Sam!

Stumped about how to find a government agency or entity or which one to approach to solve your problem? Google Uncle Sam to the rescue!

Looking for a government document? More and more, government documents can be found online. Thinking of getting a student loan to pay for college? Try Access America for Students, the student gateway to the U.S. government.

Need to do some legal research? The Internet Law Library may be able to help. Need to know how a bill becomes law? Need some government statistics? Search FEDSTATS. Looking for a larger library collection in which to do your research? Try the Library of Congress. Don't know your Congressman's or your Senator's address? Who Represents Me has just what you need!

These are just some of the sites which provide information about (or from) the United States government. Here are some more:
Have a medical question? Take a look at MEDLINEplus, PubMed, or Healthfinder. Want to know how pure your drinking water is? Try EPA's Envirofacts site. Thinking about starting a small business? The Small Business Administration has some free advice for you. Interested in finding out more about new teaching methods? Explore the U.S. Dept. of Education.

Need to do some homework or just have some fun? Go to Ben's Guide to the US Government or FirstGov for Kids and have a great time!

For information about what is going on in Congress, consult Thomas (Legislative Information on the Internet). For White House information, see the White House Home Page.

U.S. governmental agencies generally have .gov as their suffix. This makes them easy to spot. When looking for federal information, keep an eye out for the .gov!

Be sure and take a look at the following U.S. government sites!
  • USA.gov (formerly FirstGov)
  • Access America for Students
  • Afterschool.gov
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
  • FirstGov for Kids
  • Consumer.gov
  • Cybercrime.gov (U.S. Dept. of Justice)
  • DisabilityInfo.gov
  • Envirofacts (EPA)
  • Guide to Law Online (Law Library of Congress)
  • White House
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